Upcoming By law changes


We have a membership meeting coming next week and at that meeting we will be voting on some changes to our by laws.


L167 Bylaws Updated ML 4-27-18 Changes shown

Local 167 at Target Field!

IAEP Annual L167 Annual Summer Event – MN Twins Game

August 4, 2018

6:10 PM

Twins vs Kansas City

Mark your calendars for the annual IAEP 167 Twin Game event. More information to follow.

If you have any questions, please contact Secretary Layne.

ajlayne0248@gmail.com or 651.238.0177

Contract Ratified!


Contract passed

307 votes total

Invalid-1 (invalid because someone circled yes and no)

Thank you everyone that voted. Your voice has been heard. We will continue with the many subjects that have been brought forward.

2nd Quarter General Membership Meeting

2nd Quarter General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Savage American Legion – Back Hall

12375 Princeton Ave
Savage, Minnesota 55378

Tentative Agreement Reached, Ratification voting starts Tuesday!

Local 167 Members,

We have reached a tentative agreement with management for a new three year labor deal.  This agreement includes:

  1. Updates to allow casual regional EMTs and Paramedics and let them creep and be restricted to that area.  In hopes to increase staff and retain staff.
  2. Updates to Critical Care LOU to reflect current education requirements and completion bonus for National Certification.
  3. Created a new Article to create a pool of interested members for special events, not just page out and hope some one picks it up.  This group will have education on what is expected when doing educational special events like safety camps or rig shows, plus other duties.
  4. Major change to seniority to a date of hire seniority.  No longer using hours to count seniority.
  5. Updated Article 2 regarding Acquired Entities seniority, to reflect date of hire and half credit not to exceed 5 years.
  6. Updated Probationary period for the Communications Staff to be lengthened to 365 days from 180.  This was requested by the communications staff members.  It is more in line with their training program.
  7. Cleaned up language about what is a holiday shift. 50% or more of hours work on a holiday will be a holiday for pay purposes.
  8. Across the board wage increases to all step scales a minimum:
    1. 3%-2018 Retroactive to January 1
    2. 2%-2019
    3. 3%-2020
  9. Certain pay scales are getting even more than the across the board pay increase, starting wages for  Paramedic/Dispatcher will get a 8.7% increase, ranging down to 4% at year 4.   With year 5-12 getting the across the board increases.
    1. EMT starting rate, is increasing by 6.6% and year 1, is getting a 3.9% increase.  Steps 2-12 are getting the across the board increases.
    2. Driver/Courier/EIT starting rate is increasing by 12.8% and ranging down to a 3% increase at step 12.  This group sees the biggest increase in the wage proposal.
  10. Training officer pay increases to $4.00 while training from $2.00. For a total of $5.00 an hour while training.
    1. For people that do special projects for management or are regional QA/QI you will get $3.00 when doing that job.
  11. A weekend bonus program is to be implemented for 20 months (potentially longer).  Any extra shift that you pick up on a weekend will be paid $100.00.
  12. Shop Foreman gets increased to $2.00 when working in that role
  13. Uniforms:
    1. Critical Care and Community Paramedic are added to the appendix for uniform alloutment
    2. EIT’s increase uniform to $200 allowance.
  14. Added a new job class in the shop for someone to do Quick Lube type work (i.e. Oil changes, headlights).
  15. Changed FEMA deployments to get payed for all hours deployed with a minimum of 12 hours.



Contract Settlement Ratification announcment 2018

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