2020 Board Member Election Information

  • The 2020 Board Elections will be held electronically.  Members will receive an email with voter information and instructions from vote@simplyvoting.com (server: email2.simplyvoting.com).
  • If we do not have an email address on file, instructions will be mailed from Simply Voting to the address we have on file.  
  • Voting will be open from 0800 on 2/17/2020 to 2300 on 2/25/2020.  
  • If you do not receive an email before 2/17/2020 or if you have any questions, please contact Amanda Layne at ajlayne0248@gmail.com.

This year’s ballot includes the following:

President (Three Year Term) ● Brett Hopper

District Vice-President Metro Emergency Medical Technician (Three Year Term) ● Yancey Beck ● Ron Gray ● Larry Harp ● Caleb Pesola

District Vice-President Grand (Three Year Term) ● There were no nominees for this position

District Vice-President Wright County (Three Year Term) ● Kat Visco

2020 Summer Bid Materials

A message from L167 Secretary Amanda Layne:

Hello All,

It is that time of year again!  We will be starting the bid Wednesday, February 5, 2020 and will be completed Friday, March 6, 2020.  The bid schedules, bid memo, area schedules, bid rules and bid calendar are attached.  These will also be posted on the union website.

Please check your bid time and date and let us know as soon as possible if you foresee any issues with your bid time.  Remember that the first 100 paramedics will have 30 minutes to bid and all other employees will have 40 minutes.  Remember that we cannot pass you if you are working for Allina and on a call.  Please also check to see that your FTE is listed correctly.  If there is a discrepancy please contact me as soon as possible.

We will use HipLink to page you when it is your time to bid.  Please let us know if there is a better way to contact you.  The number to reach us at once the bid has started is 651-241-9166.  Please call us if you are working and let us know.  Remember that dispatch does not need to send you back to base to bid.  If you have any questions prior to that please contact either Steve Eiden or myself.

Schedules bid each day will be entered into Aladtec by the time we leave the office for the night.  Please make sure to check that your bidded schedule and PTO was entered correctly.  Please contact us as soon as possible if there are any errors or concerns.  All requests for round 2 PTO will be done through Aladtec.

There was only one rule change – an increase from 16 to 18 paramedics that are allowed to not bid a weekend requirement.

Talk to you soon,

Amanda Layne

2019 End of Year Update

Hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season! We have good news for people working extra shifts and for those of you that get Restricted Call Pay! Santa came a little early for Local 167.

President Hopper recently signed an extension of Letter of Understanding (LOU) #4 that continues the extra weekend shift bonus through September of 2020. Enjoy your weekend bonuses folks!

Second, those of you that make Restricted Call hours are getting a raise! Restricted call pay is being raised from $9.25 to $13.25.

Finally, a big thanks to Secretary Amanda Layne and the rest of the IAEP Local 167 Executive Board for getting holiday meals for those of us working those shifts this season!

Please see the attachments below for further information on the LOU and pay increase.

2020 Board Election Information

Local R7-167 Members:

Nominations are now open for the election of officers for NAGE/IAEP Local R7-167. All nominations must be made on the Nomination/Acceptance Form and must be submitted to Secretary Amanda Layne. They can be mailed to the local P.O. Box, emailed (ajlayne0248@gmail.com) or interoffice mailed to Amanda Layne at the Mounds View Base. Nomination/Acceptance Forms must be received on or before January 17, 2020.

Elections will be completed through electronic voting in accordance to our by laws. Please ensure that we have your correct email address. If we do not have an email address on file for you, electronic voting instructions will be mail out to your home address. Results of the elections will be announced at the First Quarter General Membership Meeting in February 2020.

The Local Executive Board offices that are up for elections are President, District Vice-President Metro Emergency Medical Technician, District Vice-President Grand and District Vice-President Wright County. Three of the positions are three years terms and the Wright County position would fill the remaining one year of a three year term.

All candidates must be members in good standing for one (1) year. A person nominated for more than one position must select the office of his or her choice; no person may run for more than one office.

  • Self nominations are considered accepted upon the Election Officer’s receipt of the Nomination/Acceptance Form on or before January 17, 2020.
  • All nominations must be seconded by a union member prior to submission.
  • All nominations not received by January 17, 2020, will be considered a nullity.