Reminder Protocol Test is Due

Union Members,


Please remember to finish your Protocol test by midnight Tuesday, July 31st. The test is on TargetSolutions. This is a mandatory education and if you do not finish, you could be subject to discipline. If you have exigent circumstances please reach out to your supervisor and ask for an extension. If you are on an LOA you will need to complete it within 30 days of returning. If you have any questions please contact President Hopper or ask any supervisor.

Let’s get this done so no members ends up with discipline.

In Solidarity,

Local 167 Board

2018/2019 Fall & Winter Bid Information

Hello All,

It is that time of year again!  We will be starting the bid Tuesday, July 10, 2018 and it will be completed Tuesday, August 7, 2018.  The bid schedules, bid memo, area schedules, bid rules and bid calendar are attached below.

Please check your bid time and date and let us know as soon as possible if you foresee any issues with your bid time.  Remember that the first 100 paramedics will have 30 minutes to bid and all other employees will have 40 minutes.  Remember that we cannot pass you if you are working for Allina and on a call.  Please also check to see that your FTE is listed correctly.  If there is a discrepancy please contact me as soon as possible.

We will use HipLink/Everbridge to page you when it is your time to bid.  Please let us know if there is a better way to contact you.  The number to reach us at once the bid has started is 651-241-9166.  Please call us if you are working and let us know.  Remember that dispatch does not need to send you back to base to bid.  If you have any questions prior to that please contact either Steve Eiden or myself.

Schedules bid each day will be entered into Aladtec by the time we leave the office for the night.  Please make sure to check that your bidded schedule and PTO was entered correctly.  Please contact us as soon as possible if there are any errors or concerns.  All requests for round 2 PTO will be done through Aladtec.

There were no changes to the bidding rules for this bid.

Talk to you soon,

Amanda Layne


Local 167 at Target Field!

IAEP Annual L167 Annual Summer Event – MN Twins Game

**August 25, 2018**

6:10 PM

Twins vs Oakland

Mark your calendars for the annual IAEP 167 Twin Game event.  Tickets will be $5 per person.  This event is open to all union members and their families.  We have seats reserved in the grandstand and we will all be together this year!

Please contact Secretary Layne if you are interested in attending this event.  We need final numbers by 7/27. or 651.238.0177

Supreme Court Decision

Local 167 members,

The United States Supreme Court made a decision yesterday regarding public sector unions (Janus v. AFSME) regarding union dues and other fees. The short version is this DOES NOT EFFECT IAEP LOCAL 167 at all, we are a private sector union under the National Labor Relations Act.

How does it effect public sector unions:

Membership in a union is broken down into two categories.

Full dues paying member: Receives all the contract offerings, they get voting rights in meetings, on contracts and ability to hold officer positions and be on union committees, backing of union on disciplinary issues. They also get full benefits of other services the union offers like group buying discounts and supplemental insurance offers.

Non-members pay a reduced rate of dues at Local 167 that is $.50 less than full dues, sometimes called fair share, or agency fees. This rate is set by our National Union body (NAGE). Non members receive all the contract offerings and backing of union on disciplinary issues, they do not receive the extra benefits of a full dues paying member. They are required to pay this by the National Labor Relations Act as Minnesota is a closed shop state. Which means you are required to pay as a condition of employment.

What the Supreme Court decided, was that in the public sector, a union can no longer compel people to pay fair share dues or agency fees. The person will now get the full benefits of a dues paying member while not having to pay any dues or fees.

This was brought to the Supreme Court because Mr. Janus believes, as some do, that union dues were being used for things that did not represent Mr. Janus’s beliefs. Dues are used for many things and not all members agree with what the funds will be used for. This can be contract related, political, charitable or sometimes other social causes. The larger unions at times use their funds, for these types of things and this can cause members and non members to not agree on how the funds are used. Local 167 does not spend any money on these types of causes unless motioned and approved by a majority at a general membership meeting.

If you have any questions about this topic or any thing else please reach out to President Hopper.

Upcoming By law changes


We have a membership meeting coming next week and at that meeting we will be voting on some changes to our by laws.


L167 Bylaws Updated ML 4-27-18 Changes shown