Month: September 2014


Welcome back to the Local 167 discussion forums.  Please feel free to discuss whatever you wish but keep it respectful.  Keep in mind that people have shared (improperly of course) items from past discussion forums with members of AHEMS Management.

2014 NAGE National Convention Update

President Hopper and VP Dougherty recently attended the 2014 NAGE National Convention from 09/09/14 to 09/11/14 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, NV.  Several hundred delegates from all over the U.S. attended.  They represented Locals from the IAEP, NAGE,

1st Annual L167 Picnic is a success!!

A huge thank you to Secretary Amanda Groshens and her family for doing most of the work in planning and food prep.  The pig roast was amazing.  We fed over 60 people and made a substantial donation to the Dorothy