167 Board Message about upcoming MNA strike-Update

June 23, 2016


re: MNA Strike

IAEP R7-167 Members,

As you know the MNA has been conducting an Unfair Labor Practice Strike that started on Sunday, June 19th – Saturday June 25th. They have been conducting strike walks at Abbott, Phillips Eye, Mercy, Unity and United. As union members of IAEP 167 we should be cognizant of what a strike is about and how to conduct ourselves when approaching the strike line and than crossing the line to conduct our business.

The nurses are on a ULP strike over many issues with Allina, health insurance, work place safety and other issues. Allina is asking them to change to health plans that are currently different then the ones they have and could cost them more and have different coverages. According to both sides this is a cost shift of 10 million dollars from employer to employee. The union is trying to protect the health plans that they currently have and keep the cost of any health plans at a reasonable price for their members. MNA is also attempting to work with Allina on creating a safer work environment for its members. They have seen an uptick in violence against their members as we have here at IAEP 167.

Concerning the strike line, should you encounter one, please come to a complete stop and acknowledge the line and they will move out of the way. When encountering the replacement nurses please be respectful as they are doing a job. Please while on shift do not approach the striking nurses and hang out by them as this could be construed as the IAEP being on a picket line and against the law and against our contract. Please drop your patients and leave the area without engaging the striking nurses.

Feel free to do what ever you want, to support, the nurses while you are off duty.

In Solidarity,

IAEP 167 Board