Fall Update 2016

Union Meeting

Monday Dec 19th, 1830 @ Pizza Pub in Cambridge.


Please log into Kronos and check your time cards at least once every pay period. We get a lot of questions about issues that can easily be prevented.

Veteran’s Wall

If you’re a Vet and wish to have your photo put on the Memorial Wall at Moundsview please contact Ops Supervisor Brent Baker.

Discipline and Union Stewards

Please let us know if you are disciplined, asked to attend a meeting with Mgmt or anything similar. Call the L167 Bat Phone @ 763-614-6504 and leave a message!  We have increased occurrences of people being paid incorrectly, being wrongly disciplined and other issues.  Even if you think you’re getting properly disciplined we want to make sure the facts are correct and you’re adequately represented.  Waiving your Steward rights isn’t smart.  Please call us!


Local 167 has shirts available for sale through an online vendor.  Click the link to see the store! Local 167 T-Shirts

Uniform Allowance Funds

Per Contract, all uniform allowance funds must be used by Dec 1st.  Contact your Manager if you need to use some.  Please do not just go to Aspen Mills expecting to get items without approval.