2017 Winter Update!

Lots of things happening around here!

2017 1st Quarter General Membership Meeting:  Thursday 02/23/17 @ 1830.  As usual the Roseville VFW will be the location.  1145 Woodhill Drive Roseville, MN 55113.  Among topics of discussion will be Board Elections and some recent compensation changes for new people.

Seniority:  Seniority calculations have been completed and mailed.  Follow the instructions in your letter if you wish to contest your hours.  There is a deadline!  Contact Secretary Amanda Groshens email: ajgroshens@gmail.com with any questions.

Bid Materials:  All Spring/Summer bid materials are posted here on the Site as well as at each AHEMS base.  See the post below.  The bid process starts Monday 02/06/17.

Discussion Forums Are Back!:  After some recent social media discussions we have decided to give a website forum another shot.  If you log into the Union Site you should see a “Discussion Forums” link on the right side of the main menu.  Feel free to discuss what’s important to you.

East Bethel FD Auxillary Annual Waffle Breakfast:  At the request of Member Ben Uden, you’re all invited to the event this Sat 01/28/17 at the EBFD from 0800-1100.  2751 Viking Blvd NE East Bethel, MN.

Other Stuff:  Chief Shop Steward Albert Reiff and I continue to see a lot of steward waiver forms.  This means people are going into investigatory or discipline meetings without a Steward.  Please call us at 763-614-6504 if you get asked to attend a meeting or get presented with corrective action.  A huge majority of the time we can help you gain a favorable outcome.  We want you to have a witness and ally present!  Lastly, Dave Matteson asked us to spread the word about Toughbooks.  If you have one that fails, please go to the AKN and fill out a service ticket.  After that, get a yellow repair tag, write the ticket # on it and then give it to a VST or leave it in your area’s designated spot.


2017 Spring/Summer Bid

It’s that time of year again!  The 2017 Spring & Summer bid will start on Monday 02/06/2017.  Please click the link below to download all of the relevant documents.  As usual, a giant thank you should go to to Secretary Amanda Groshens, Member Steve Eiden, the Staffing Department and anyone else involved, for all the hard work on this!  Bidding can be stressful sometimes.  Amanda and Steve do their best to help everyone so please keep that in mind.