St. Peter Special Membership Meeting

St. Peter Special Membership Meeting

November 2, 2017

1800 hrs

Rivers Edge Hospital


This will be a special membership meeting for all members especially those that work in the west rural areas.  We would love to see members from Hutchinson, Glencoe, New Ulm and St Peter attend this meeting.  Bring your topics for discussion and we will discuss upcoming contract talks.

Personal well being in time of need

Resources for your personal well-being

This time of year can be difficult as the days grow shorter, the sky seems to be grey a lot of the time, and a look outside reminds us that winter is almost here.  It’s also the season when some religions and cultures set aside time to remember the people and generations who have gone before us.  If those rituals are part of your tradition, or if you have lost loved ones in the past year, I encourage you to mark the occasion by honoring their memory.


On top of the broader societal experience of grief, loss and transition this fall, we have had some additional heaviness.  Our daily work puts us face to face with the hard realities of human suffering.  And closer to home, we grieve the sudden and tragic loss of two EMS colleagues, one at HealthEast and one here in Allina.


It’s important to acknowledge the emotional weight we carry, and to find healthy ways to keep our lives in balance.  There is no one-size-fits-all to self-care, but some are obvious – get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, tend to your own spirituality, take time to be with loved ones doing things you enjoy, turn to your support network when things get heavy.


Finally, know that there are resources available if needed or wanted.


Support can be found at the Allina Health Mental Health website. This page is full of resources which Allina offers to the community, including employees.


Sharon Sinclair, manager, Allina Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is well versed in the mental health benefits for the Allina Health First plan, which is what most people have. She can also recommend therapists. Sharon can be reached at 612-863-3412 or by sending Sharon an email.


If you want a coverage chart of your own plan, sign into My Allina. On the left hand side of the home page, under a heading “Additional Information” there is a button for “Summary Plan Descriptions and Contracts.” Clicking on this allows you to choose the information on your plan and include coverage charts that have sections on mental health and chemical health.


Here are some national resources for EMS personnel with 24/7 helplines:

  • SafeCallNow: 206-459-3020
  • Fire/EMS Helpline: 888-731-3473
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

Additional resources are available at
The Code Green Campaign and at these social media sites:

Take care, and feel free to contact me as well.




Russell Myers, D.Min., BCC  

Chaplain • Allina Health EMS and Security

Mail route 54000 • 167 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN 55102

Phone: 651-241-4403 • Mobile: 651-263-5492

Another RIP Post…

Just days after the Minnesota EMS Community laid EMT Marina Challeen to rest, we have more cause for mourning.  Allina ED Nurse and former Allina Paramedic Chris Kaldenberg died today.  Details are not yet fully known.  He was well known and loved by many.  Keep his family and our EMS Community in your hearts tonight.

Rest in peace Marina Challeen

The Membership of IAEP Local 167 has been deeply saddened by the sudden loss of HealthEast EMT and fellow IAEP Member Marina Challeen.  We are fortunate that EMS line of duty deaths are rare in Minnesota.  This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers we all face and the sacrifices some have made.  We must process what happened, honor those injured and lost and move forward.  Your Local Executive Board has arranged for a monetary donation to EMT Challeen’s Memorial Fund.  As many are aware, funeral services have been planned this week.  Please check your Allina email or contact your Manager if you have questions about arrangements.  Stay safe and hold your loved ones close!