Author: Brett Hopper

Upcoming By law changes

Everyone, We have a membership meeting coming next week and at that meeting we will be voting on some changes to our by laws.   L167 Bylaws Updated ML 4-27-18 Changes shown

Tentative Agreement Reached, Ratification voting starts Tuesday!

Local 167 Members, We have reached a tentative agreement with management for a new three year labor deal.  This agreement includes: Updates to allow casual regional EMTs and Paramedics and let them creep and be restricted to that area.  In

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2018 Officer Election-Electronic voting

Members, 2018 Officer Elections will be held via electronic voting.  You will all be getting an email from a company called Simply Voting the title of the email will look like this. “International Association of EMTs and Paramedics (IAEP) R7-167 ” Your Elector ID and password is

Ratification Announcement

Ratification Announcement: The Union officers would like to thank the membership for showing up to vote this week. We had the most members EVER vote on a contract or election. The vote has been counted and the contract was overwhelmingly

Ratification Dates have been set!

The ratification dates and times have been set please refer to the flyer.  Voting will be done in person only and by secret ballot.  You are permitted to vote at any location during the voting hours.  We will do the