Twins Tickets Available!

IAEP Local 167 Annual

Summer Event – MN Twins


August 20, 2017 1:10 PM @ Target Field

Twins vs Diamondbacks

This event is replacing the annual Summer Picnic and is

open to all members and their families. The union

will be purchasing tickets.

Any members interested or if you have any

questions please contact Secretary Groshens by

July 28, 2017 for a final head count. or 651.238.0177

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Union Meeting Tonight!


Liberty Restaurant & Bar

25 Central Ave East

St Michael, MN 55376

Would be nice to see some Wright County folks out there.


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Check your timecards!


First, the Company recently changed to Kronos Timekeeper for everything.  Everyone needs to make sure their schedules and time cards are correct!

Second, Local 167 recently settled a work day definition grievance where some people lost PTO accrual based on early Saturday AM time changes.  The grievance resolution changed PTO accrual from a weekly cap to a yearly cap up to your 2080 hours worked in the year.  This means that you may earn PTO faster than before.  Basically, as soon as you reach 2080 hours worked you won’t earn more PTO that year.  Most of your small bumps in accrual are due to this.  Unfortunately, Corporate payroll also appears to have counted hours they shouldn’t have.  FTO pay and other types of “extra” hours got credited to some people causing large PTO bank increases.

AHEMS Management is currently looking into who got what.  We do not yet know the scope of what may be a significant error.  We strongly suggest not “spending” any extra at this point.  If you have questions about PTO please talk with your Manager or call the bat phone at 763-614-6504.

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RIP Jorgen Nelsen

Recently retired L167 Member Jorgen Nelsen died suddenly last week.  He was laid to rest Tuesday.  His final send off included dozens of friends, family and uniformed personnel from multiple Police/Fire/EMS services.  Jorgen cared about people and it showed in all he did.  The Local 167 Executive Board honored him, on behalf of all L167 Members, with a gift of flowers and a monetary donation to his family.  He will be missed!

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2017 Board Election Results

As previously mentioned, our bylaws allow us to forego and actual election and appoint people running unopposed to the positions they ran for.  In this case, the following people ran unopposed due to at least one person withdrawing their name on the ballot.   Please welcome your new L167 Board Members.  Adam Sabotta – EMT Rep, Nicole McConnell – Grand/Forbes Rep and Wade Eastman – New Ulm/Gelncoe/Hutchinson Rep!

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