2019 Board Election Info

The 2019 Board Elections will be held electronically. Members will receive an email with voter information and instructions from vote@simplyvoting.com (server: email2.simplyvoting.com). Voting will be open from 0800 on 2/18/2019 to 2300 on 2/22/2019. If you do not receive an email before 2/18/2019 or if you have any questions, please contact Amanda Layne at ajlayne0248@gmail.com. A ballot is posted below for your information.

FTE changes during bid 2019

For the remainder of the bid, management has decided to let Paramedics increase their FTE up to a 1.0.  The union has asked for members to have this opportunity for a long time.  Many of our members that were hired at 0.9 have asked for this increase as they want to bid a 1.0 schedule.  This increase was intended largely for those that were hired at 0.9 because we were no longer hiring at 1.0.  These paramedics have yet to bid.

The timing of this FTE increase to 1.0 is not ideal as we are mid-bid. However, FTE increases and decreases are very common throughout the bid. Last week for example a paramedic increased their FTE to 0.95, which would allow them to bid 0.9, 0.95 or 1.0 hours. There is contract language for FTE increases and decreases twice a year but management has always allowed members to increase or decrease at any time given the availability of positions.  This has allowed employees flexibility that isn’t otherwise allowed in the contract.

This FTE increase to 1.0 is an opportunity for our members that want to be 1.0 that couldn’t previously. It will also aid in filling more shifts for the summer with the staff that we already have.

If there are any paramedics that have already bid and want to increase their FTE back to 1.0 from dropping it previously, please contact Amanda Layne. There are several options to accommodate this at this time – we can add an already open shift, we can increase your FTE and float the hours or we can get an FTE increase for next bid.  Like the employee mentioned above, the opportunity to increase has been available to employees up to this point in the bid.

We are recommending that we allow the FTE increase to 1.0 and to continue on with the bid. This opportunity is a benefit for our members and an aid to filling our schedule for the coming summer. We also hope this will be an option for all divisions going forward including ALS EMT.

Thank You,

Brett Hopper

President IAEP R7-167

FTE increase memo.

Recently, Director Czyson sent a memo giving paramedics that have not yet bid the chance to increase their FTE to 1.0. This memo, see below for a link, did not come out until after the bid already started. The Local’s Leadership needs to know how many paramedics, that have already completed their bid, this would affect. In other words: If you had the opportunity to increase at the time of your bid, would you have and/or would it have changed your bid? Contact Amanda Layne at ajlayne0248@gmail.com or Brett Hopper at bhopper25@gmail.com ASAP if this memo affects you.

Do We Have Your Email Address?

A test email was sent out from the union website last night. If you did not receive this test email, we either do not have your email address listed correctly or we do not have an email address listed for you.  An email address is essential for electronic voting to send instructions and voter information.  


**For those that gave me their email addresses this week, your address has not been updated yet and you do not need to send me your address again.