Negotiations Update

Local 167 members,

We have contract arbitration coming up on November 11th. On October 28th the union and management needed to submit our lists of open positions for arbitration. This has been done and the arbitrator has swapped open lists with management and the union. The union came up with a proposal for the arbitrator to consider that is fair for the members and within reason for the surrounding ambulance services. The big take away is that we would like the arbitrator to pick our proposal and not pick managements as we would lose 130 hours of PTO bank. That could be a significant reduction in benefits to the union. The union would like to be able to have 480 hrs of PTO banked if needed. If you have any questions about arbitration please contact a negotiating team member.

Local 167 Negotiating Team

Brett Hopper

Albert Reiff

Steve Eiden

Richard Chipman

Dean Eull