IAEP 167 Fall 2020 updates

IAEP Fall 2020

Email changes:

All members should have been updated to Microsoft 365 now. If you are having problems accessing your email from home please contact Allina IT.

Use this website to access email from home.

https://portal.rsasso.allina.com/WebPortal/?singlepoint-error-message=Not authenticated, please provide authentication information.

It will then ask you for a RSA token if you do not have a RSA token text 2468 to receive the text code.

Holidays 2020

Allina has decided that they need to cut cost and will not be providing turkeys in 2020. They also will not be providing meals for the holidays. The union will again be providing the meals for the 2020 holidays.

13 hr shifts:

Management has decided that effective Nov 12th anyone working a 13hr shift you will need to report at your start of shift time and stay 20 mins late to full fill your FTE. You will be allowed to go home at end of shift time and not have to use PTO if you would like to be short approx 1 hr each week. It will be up to you as an employee.

BLS EMT re-bid for winter shift:

Due to the serious change in staffing numbers we may be rebidding the winter BLS shift bid. We are waiting for Miron to make a decision.

Bonus for Weekday shifts:

Management has approached the union about the use of the weekend bonus during the week. Union is all for this and have told them to implement as soon as possible.

Contract negotiations:

We have negotiations set for Nov 30 and December 4, 14th. The union was looking for sooner dates but these were the dates that management agreed to. We will be doing negotiations with FMCS mediation.

Cambridge Rep needed:

With the promotion of Brad Dixon we need a Board representative for the Cambridge area. If you are interested please contact Amanda Layne.

Next Union Meeting:

We have our next meeting December 9th 6 pm via Zoom. The link for the meeting is in the event on the Facebook page.